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CBD Vapes

CBD vaping oil

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What is Cannabidiol

My CBD Oil is extracted from hemp, which should not be confused with its cousin Marijuana!

CBD does not make you feel "High" or “stoned” as it contains THC within legal EU limits

(THC is the compound that induces the "High")  thus making it legal throughout Europe. 

CBD E-Liquids can help maintain a healthy & balanced endocannabinoid system.

Although this vape oil cannot be sold as a medicine, scientific and clinical studies do endorse CBD’s potential as a treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Scientific research has shown that CBD may be therapeutic for many conditions.

I have examined hundreds if not thousands of articles in scientific journals and I never cease to be amazed by the properties and effects of cannabinoid compounds.

The whole CBD rich cannabis plant extract is regularly documented as having many benefits for sufferers of neuropathic and other pains.

However I urge and encourage you to do your own research.................

CBD oil is not a mere commodity to me, It was born after my own extensive research

sourcing a product to promote general well being.

Cannabidiol matched those requirements perfectly along with a whole lot more.

The more you explore and research CBD the more you are surprised and convinced of the benefits

of this humble plant, my personal belief is that the true potential of CBD is still yet undiscovered.

Please do not be fooled by the claims of some unscrupulous producers selling CBD Oil.

Check their ingredients and ALWAYS ask to see a certificate of analysis by an independent lab:

Some pedal CBD extracted from INDUSTRIAL seeds, this contains only very small amounts of CBD..

Although my vape oil has been sieved then twice filtered to remove sediment,

it remains golden/green. Not because it’s crude but because it's so concentrated.

NO artificial colours are added!

Ingredients are........

 ·  Hemp CBD.
 · (VG) Vegetable Glycerine/ Pharmaceutical grade.
 · Concentrated vape flavouring. (Where Applicable)

Supplied in a 10ml dropper bottle.

When vaped, CBD enters your lungs rapidly and diffuses directly into your bloodstream.

This allows for nearly 4 times the amount to enter your circulation,

therefore offering a faster and more effective administration over oral consumption.

Beating the Ban

The UK smoking ban does not restrict the use of Vaping Pens in public places.

They do not contain tobacco, so you have the freedom to vape legally indoors.

You can use a vape pen to "top up" in pubs, clubs, restaurants, work vehicles and even offices.

Although vaping retains all the taste, goodness and

other properties of the CBD Oil, because it's turned

into vapour it does not give off a "strong"  odour.


Due to a UK MHRA directive, CBD oil has been acknowledged and reclassified as a medicine. Therefore an appropriate license is required for its sale.
In compliance with this directive, CBD vapes is sold only as a food supplement.
Therefore all references and customer reviews which refer to CBD vapes as a medicine

have been removed, along with lab; results which also must be approved by MHRA.


I always recommend my G3 refillable vape pen which is specially designed for use with CBD oil.

CBD oil is thicker than eliquid, it can be used in an ordinary vape pen for a trial but it will burn out the coil more quickly and you may not get the full flavour or effect.

My G3 pyrex glass and stainless steel pro-tank has a ceramic dual coil and gives a measured amount per toke, the last thing you want is to be wasting expensive CBD oil in clouds of vapor!

The buttonless battery is always on standby so Ideal if you find small objects and buttons cumbersome - just toke and blow!